Personal Injury Due To Product Defects: Things To Know

14 December 2019
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Just like every other consumer, when you buy a product from a store shelf, online, or somewhere else, you fully expect that the product is going to be safe for you to use. However, products do sometimes cause consumers injuries, and when they do, a personal injury claim may be something that comes up. If you have been injured by a product and you believe you have reason to file a personal injury claim, there are a few things that you should know up front. Read More 

How You Can Get Help with Your Workers’ Comp Case

15 November 2019
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It's not necessary to sue your employer when you are hurt on the job. Avoiding this type of thing is the main reason workers' compensation insurance exists. This form of insurance is supposed to make it easier to get benefits like medical treatment, partial salaries, and a lump-sum settlement when you are permanently injured. Unfortunately, not all workers' comp claims pay out as they should. Read on to find out what happens to some hurt workers and how you can arrange for the help you need when the insurer fails to do their job. Read More 

A Legal View Of What Securities Are

21 October 2019
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Few topics can cause people to feel nervous about their knowledge as much as securities law. Even if you're a corporate lawyer, securities are a tough concept to deal with. For many businesses, though, issuing securities is an essential part of getting the capital they need. That's a good reason to learn about what securities are and how they might involve your business. Financial Instruments A security is a type of financial instrument that's centered on at least one of three things. Read More 

How Truck Mechanical Failures Factor Into Your Personal Injury Case

24 September 2019
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Truck accidents can be much more devastating than car accidents due to the size of an average truck. The impact of a truck can easily cause severe injuries and death. While many accidents are caused by distracted driving, another major cause of truck accidents is that the truck itself experiences a mechanical failure. Knowing what happened may help your personal injury case.  Brakes A common mechanical failure that a truck might face is a brake failure. Read More 

Understanding Wrongful Termination

19 August 2019
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Under many circumstances, employers don't have to continue your employment. However, in many states, there are limits on reasons why they can fire you. If you are a reliable employee who does your job and doesn't break the rules of your employer or do other things that would be problematic for the work environment, then there should be no reason for you to expect to be fired. If you have been fired in a way that would be considered wrongful termination, then you are protected by the law. Read More