How You Can Get Help with Your Workers' Comp Case

15 November 2019
 Categories: Law, Blog

It's not necessary to sue your employer when you are hurt on the job. Avoiding this type of thing is the main reason workers' compensation insurance exists. This form of insurance is supposed to make it easier to get benefits like medical treatment, partial salaries, and a lump-sum settlement when you are permanently injured. Unfortunately, not all workers' comp claims pay out as they should. Read on to find out what happens to some hurt workers and how you can arrange for the help you need when the insurer fails to do their job.

What Can Go Wrong?

Unfortunately, a lot can go wrong when you are hurt at work. Third-party insurers handle claims for employees and they can be reluctant to pay benefits. The process can be complicated for hurt workers to cope with, some employers don't cooperate with hurt workers, and claims can end up getting denied for no good reason. In addition, if you are offered a lump-sum settlement, you may need a lawyer on your side to advocate and negotiate for the best settlement possible. When that happens, you will need to turn to a workers' comp lawyer for help.

Lump-Sum Settlements and Back Benefits

Once a workers' comp lawyer is on your case, you might find your claims reinstated and your benefits start to flow. Those funds – your back disability pay and the lump-sum settlement money are used to pay for legal help.

Contingency Fee Arrangements

You only pay a contingency fee if you win a lawsuit, get approved for Social Security benefits, or successfully negotiate a workers' comp settlement. A contingency fee arrangement is an agreement between you and your attorney to provide them with a certain amount of money (often a percentage) once a case is won. If you are not able to get any money, you won't owe the lawyer any money. For instance, if your attorney negotiates a lump-sum settlement with the workers' comp insurance carrier of $100,000, then you might owe the lawyer $20,000 if the contingency fee arrangement was to pay 20% of the settlement and you win your claim.

This type of arrangement is ideal for many hurt workers due to their reduced financial status. You may have been out of work for months due to your injury, so this type of payment arrangement makes it easy to get the legal help you need without having to use up your precious resources. When things begin to go wrong with your claim, speak to a workers' comp ​lawyer about your case as soon as you can.