Five Services of a Pedestrian Accident Law Firm

2 November 2023
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When you are a pedestrian and involved in an accident, the consequences can often be life-changing. Whether it was due to a driver's negligence, a dangerous road condition, or a poorly maintained sidewalk, the injuries sustained can be catastrophic and leave physical and emotional scars that can last a lifetime. This is where a pedestrian accident law firm comes into play. They not only fight to get injured pedestrians the justice they deserve but also provide a range of services and support to help them through this challenging time. Here are five services that a pedestrian accident law firm can offer.

Legal Representation

The primary service of a pedestrian accident law firm is to represent clients who have been injured in these accidents. They will guide clients through the entire legal process, from filing a claim to negotiating a fair settlement or taking a case to trial. They will handle all legal health care and insurance negotiations to make sure that clients receive the compensation they deserve.

Investigation and Evidence Gathering

A pedestrian accident law firm also has the resources and time to properly investigate the accident and gather evidence. They will obtain police reports and witness statements and collect medical bills and records to establish the extent of the injuries and establish fault.

Expert Witnesses

Law firms often reach out to experienced professionals in their respective fields to back up the claims made in lawsuits. A pedestrian accident law firm will also have access to expert witnesses who can explain the technical aspects of the accident.

Personal Injury Protection

The personal injury protection service provides immediate compensation for a client's medical bills or wages lost after the accident, regardless of who was at fault for the accident. PIP coverage covers up to a certain fixed amount, and the law firm's job is to recover the remaining amount from the at-fault party. Check with your state to see if it's available in your area.

Emotional Support

Personal injuries can leave life-long emotional scars. A pedestrian accident law firm not only offers legal services but can also direct clients to therapists, support groups, and counselors. These services help clients come to terms with their injuries and provide them with support throughout their journey.

There are many reasons why you should consider hiring a pedestrian accident law firm if you have been involved in an accident. They not only offer legal representation but also go the extra mile to make sure that their clients receive the compensation they deserve. If you or someone you know has been in a pedestrian accident, it's essential to contact a reputable law firm to ensure their rights are protected.

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