Crucial Evidence You Have To Provide In A Motorcycle Accident Claim

13 January 2023
 Categories: Law, Blog

Motorcycle accidents have more devastating outcomes than regular car accidents. Note that as a motorcyclist, you have less security on the road than the person inside a vehicle with airbags, safety belts, and other safety features. Sadly, getting justice can also get complicated because the justice system doesn't offer the ideal support for cyclists. However, you can still hire a personal injury law attorney and pursue justice for your accident. Ultimately, they will help you prove who was liable and the losses you incurred. Here are the key types of evidence you might have to present in these claims.

Videos From the Scene of the Accident

A helmet camera has become a necessity for all motorcyclists. In most cases, some get one for safety reasons because it records the ride and helps you avoid risky situations on the road. So, if you had an operating camera at the time of the accident, the chances are that you have video evidence of everything that happened before the accident. Remember that this is crucial evidence, and you should transfer it immediately after the accident. More so, failure to make the transfer might lead to the evidence getting overwritten by other videos. However, if you did not have a camera on at the time of the accident, your lawyer can reach out to business owners close to the scene and find out if their CCTV might have recorded something.

Official Reports and Testimonies From Eyewitnesses

The responding police officers should document their findings in a police report. This is crucial information because your legal team will use the information to understand what transpired. Your case may also get backup from confessions collected at the scene and the findings of subsequent investigations. Moreover, witness accounts of the crash can provide important context for comprehending what transpired. Note that even though eyewitness testimony might be flawed, you can use it to raise your credibility if it supports your story.

Medical Records and Statements From Accident Reconstruction Pros

Damages in an accident claim come from medical records. Given this, your healthcare providers will document your injuries and losses with medical records, diagnostic pictures, and other relevant paperwork. Additionally, your attorney can send the photos you took of the wreckage to a business specializing in accident reconstruction. This way, high-level experts can put together what transpired moments before a crash by analyzing debris placement and skid marks.

Start your motorcycle accident claim by hiring a competent motorcycle personal injury lawyer. They will help you put together presentable evidence to strengthen your claim and get you a fast settlement. For more information, contact a firm like Willis Spangler Starling.