2 Things To Bring With You For Your Initial Consultation With A Worker's Compensation Attorney

13 December 2022
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After being hurt at work, you may have been told that you will be unable to go back because of your injuries. If your employer is giving you hard time about compensating you for work missed because of the accident, you may already be thinking about hiring a lawyer to represent you.

If you have never had to go through the process of hiring an attorney and filing a claim against your employer, you may be wondering what you need to bring with you when you meet with the lawyer. Below are a couple of things you should gather to bring with you to your initial consultation with a worker's compensation lawyer. 

1. Any Documents That Have to Do with the Work Injury, from the Accident Report to Medical Records

One thing you should do before your consultation is to gather all documents that have to do with the work injury. At your place of employment, this includes the initial incident report and documentation from the company physician or nurse if you were seen by one. You should also keep any written correspondence from your employer and their insurance company.

For documentation away from your job, request copies of the reports from any doctors you went to see. This should also include test results so that the lawyer can have a doctor they trust and work with look them over.

2. Contact Information of Anyone Involved, from Your Employer and Supervisor to Any Witnesses

Another thing you should have with you is the contact information of anyone involved in your case. This includes the direct contact information of your employer, supervisor, and the company's insurance company with the agent's name.

Along with this information, you should also gather the contact information of any coworkers who witnessed the accident. If they are willing, they can also write a witness statement for you to give to your attorney. 

When you first meet with the lawyer to discuss filing a claim for your work injury, you want to bring as much information as possible to give them a solid overview of your case. Bring with you any written documentation such as the initial accident report, medical records, and correspondence from your employer and their insurance company. You should also write down any contact information for anyone involved, including your supervisor and any coworkers who witnessed your accident at work. Once you have all of the information in hand, make an appointment for a consultation with a worker's compensation attorney to discuss your case. 

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