Accident Damages: Know What They Are and How to Prove Them

23 February 2022
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If you have been hurt by another driver, you need to be paid for your damages. If you are to be compensated fairly, those damages require proof. Read on to find out about damages and the proof you and your personal injury lawyer need.

Damages: Know How the Accident Affected You

The term "damages" only sounds like it just applies to your wrecked vehicle. That is only one of many types of damage available to victims after a wreck that was not their fault. Chances are, if you suffered because of the actions of the other driver, that form of suffering is a form of damage. Don't forget to include your financial damages also. For each form of damage, it's advisable to show proof of the damage. Below, each common form of damage seen in car accidents is listed along with what victims should produce to prove it.

Injuries from the accident 

Medical expenses are a big part of every accident case. Your medical bills will likely be paid because the medical facility will probably bill the at-fault driver's insurer directly. Victims need to keep their own records, however, just in case of discrepancies between what was billed and what was paid by the insurer. Keep billing statements, insurance explanations of benefits, and anything else medically related. In the event of a problem, you might need to request copies of your medical records from the medical practitioners.

Future medical treatment costs 

If your injuries are more serious, you could end up settling with the insurer before you are completely healed. Your lawyer will obtain statements from medical experts to determine how much you may need for future surgeries and more.

Vehicle damage 

You may be asked to submit an estimate for damages. It's also important that victims are paid in full when a loan balance exists on the wrecked vehicle. Have your loan information handy for your lawyer

Pain and suffering 

This form of damage is often based on the seriousness of your accident treatment costs. To prove you are eligible for this, however, you may need more than just medical billing statements. Your personal injury lawyer will detail how the misery and other mental health issues continue to affect you and your family. Help your attorney by keeping up with your recovery using a pain journal.

Lost wages 

Pay statements, income tax returns, bank statements, and letters from your employer can help establish your hourly rate of pay, your salary, and so on. A list of time missed from work should be included too.

Speak to your personal injury lawyer to find out more.