How Personal Injury Lawyers Can Assist With Dog Bite Cases

3 December 2021
 Categories: Law, Blog

If you're wounded by a dog and you can show it's the owner's fault, you have all the more reason to pursue a personal injury case against them. As long as you hire a personal injury attorney, you'll have access to some key services. 

Break Down Relevant Dog Bite Laws

Dog bite laws can vary by state, and this is something to understand before getting involved in a personal injury case with a dog owner. If you hire a personal injury lawyer, they can break down bite laws that are specific to your state.

For instance, some states hold owners liable if they knew about their dog's prior aggression and didn't correct this behavior. When a personal injury attorney takes over your case, you'll have insights on all the rules at play and subsequently will know what responses to take as this case unfolds. 

Sound Rebuttal to Different Defenses

There are a couple of different defenses for those accused of being liable for their dog's biting. If you believe the owner involved in your bite is truly guilty, then you can work with a personal injury attorney and have them rebuttal whatever defense tactics the dog owner tries.

Even if they have help from their own attorney, a personal injury attorney can argue your case with sound evidence like witnesses and videos of the dog bite. That's going to help you get a better resolution at the end of this legal process.

Orchestrate a Potential Settlement

One of the better outcomes that can happen out of a dog bite incident is working out some type of settlement. The dog owner may acknowledge some wrongdoing in this whole ordeal and thus are more likely to settle rather than go to court.

You just need to hire a personal injury attorney to make sure this settlement goes smoothly. The attorney will help facilitate a deal that you can live with, whether it's money for medical bills or behavior training for the dog that was involved. As long as you listen to your attorney, a stress-free settlement is possible.

Dog bites that lead to personal injury cases need to be handled with professionalism and swiftness. A personal injury attorney can provide these things all while ensuring you're treated fairly throughout the legal negotiations and processes. It may have been a bad situation, but your attorney will ensure it doesn't escalate from a legal standpoint moving forward.