Helpful Tips When Looking For An STO Attorney

27 April 2020
 Categories: Law, Blog

Investing in STOs (security token offerings) is advantageous for many reasons, such as their increased liquidity and fractionalization of ownership. However, they come with risks like any other investment. That's why it's a good idea to hire an STO attorney when considering them as an investment opportunity. Finding one of these specialty attorneys will be easy if you follow these tips.

Review STO Strategies

Every lawyer that specializes in STOs may have a different approach. It's important to recognize this and see what these strategies are so that you end up with someone truly qualified and able to help you make the right investments.

Schedule consultations with a couple of STO attorneys and listen to the approach they would take with particular STOs you're interested in. You want to understand their plans completely and ideally have them backed by tangible results. Once you have this information, you can weed out STO attorneys that may not be a good fit.

Assess Legal Services

Another smart precaution you can take when screening various STO attorneys is seeing what services they can offer. These -- like STO strategies -- will vary from attorney to attorney. There are some important services to look for.

These include determining token structure, performing token analysis, creating the right corporate structure, and offering post-STO support. If you find an STO attorney that can do all of these things effectively, you know you're in good hands and can proceed to hiring them without hesitation. 

Talk to Past Clients

You can see exactly what sort of experience you'll have working with a particular STO attorney by getting in touch with past clients. You should be able to find people online who've left reviews documenting their time working with an STO attorney.

Reach out to these past clients and ask them about various aspects of the STO attorney's practice, including their professionalism, legal services, rates, communication, and legal resources. If most of the clients you talk to have nothing but positive things to say about an STO attorney, that should make you feel better about going with the same legal professional.

STO attorneys play an important role in structuring and advising on STO matters. If you plan on hiring one to reap these rewards and legal services, make sure you assess multiple practices and focus on key details. You'll then be able to pinpoint an STO attorney that can work out perfectly long-term.