A Traffic Violation Attorney Could Help You Beat A Traffic Ticket Or Reduce Your Punishment

14 May 2019
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Getting a traffic violation for speeding or running a red light is not only a nuisance, it could possibly affect you in negative ways if you have previous offenses. More serious violations could even put you at risk of going to jail. Deciding whether to pay the fine or hire a lawyer may be a tough call, but sometimes it's worth it to talk to a lawyer before making your choice. Here's how a traffic violation attorney can help you.

Represent You In Court

If you want to fight your charge, but you can't take off work to go to court, then your attorney can go in your place. This may not be possible with a felony charge, but it can often be done with traffic cases. One reason you may want to go to court rather than just pay the fine is so you can see if the police officer shows up. If the officer has another commitment that day and doesn't show up, the judge could dismiss your charges.

Get Your Punishment Reduced

One thing you'll probably want your traffic attorney to do is get you the lightest punishment. Your attorney may explain your situation to the judge so your fine is reduced or the charges are dropped if you attend traffic school. While it may not be possible to get a lighter punishment if you have a history of traffic offenses, it could be best to fight for a lighter punishment rather than just accept the standard fine or jail time for the level of offense. If you're facing jail, then you may be even more motivated to hire a traffic attorney since a jail record could affect your employment opportunities in the future and it could affect your standing at your current job or school.

Protect Your Driver's License

Your attorney can also help you keep your driver's license. By working to get the judge to accept driver's school as punishment, you might keep points off of your license. If you get too many points, then your driver's license could be suspended. Depending on where you live, it may be difficult or impossible to get to school or work without being able to drive. If you already have points, you want to keep from getting more when possible because each point you add gets you closer to a suspended license and major inconvenience.

By fighting your traffic violation, you could prevent an insurance rate hike, avoid jail, get your fine reduced, and avoid a license suspension. However, many factors affect the outcome when you fight a traffic charge. Simply hiring an attorney won't automatically ensure you get the outcome you want, but an attorney is familiar with traffic laws and court proceedings and knows how to fight the charge better than you would by yourself.

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