Three Jobs In Which Repeated Verbal Abuse May Lead To A Workers' Compensation Case

13 December 2018
 Categories: Law, Blog

When you sustain an injury at work and are evaluating whether you should begin a workers' compensation case, it's important for you to know that the injury doesn't have to be a physical one. Mental health issues that develop because of your job fall under the workers' compensation umbrella, and your likelihood of a successful case is especially strong if you brought some concerns to your employer, but he or she ignored them. Verbal abuse is unfortunately a serious issue in several professions, and repeated exposure to it can lead to a multitude of emotional health issues. Here are some professions in which this abuse may be prevalent.

Call Center Agent

Working as a call center agent isn't an easy way to make a living. Cold calling is something that many people do not favor, and while a lot of people will simply just hang up on you — which can be traumatic to some degree on its own — many others will berate you. Even just a couple of people verbally abusing you during a work shift is bad news, but when this happens day after day, and week after week, it's reasonable for your workers' compensation attorney and a doctor to establish a link between your anxiety or depression and your career.

Customer Service Representative

Customer service reps often face verbal abuse from irate customers. If you're working at a customer support desk at any type of retail outlet, you might have many people visit you daily who are upset about a certain product that they're attempting to return. Occasionally, your store's policies won't allow you to provide a refund, and this may upset customers who turn to verbally berating you because of their frustration. The longer that you stay in this role, the more incidents of this nature that you'll experience — and they can collectively lead to stress issues.

Restaurant Server

While most restaurant patrons act appropriately toward their servers, this isn't always the case. Whether food was slow in getting to the table or an order was incorrect, some restaurant customers may choose to respond by berating you if you're their server. This type of verbal abuse can be especially troubling because it occurs in front of other people, which can further affect you emotionally. It's also problematic if a manager of your restaurant doesn't step in on your behalf.

If you've experienced verbal abuse in these or other roles, consult a workers' compensation attorney.