3 Ways To Find The Most Competent Bankruptcy Lawyer For Your Case

22 August 2018
 Categories: Law, Blog

Deciding that you need to file bankruptcy is never an easy thing. You could be facing losing some of your property that has to be returned to the lender, and a drastic change in your financial status. However, one of the best things you can do to make the situation go a little more smoothly is to find the best bankruptcy lawyer for your case. All bankruptcies are different depending on a person's situation and financial outlook, which can make finding the most competent bankruptcy lawyer even more of a challenge. Take a look at these tips for finding the most competent bankruptcy lawyer. 

Look for a lawyer who is familiar with your financial situation. 

Every individual who has to file bankruptcy has their own individual financial situation, and there is not an attorney to completely match them all. However, you should always look for a bankruptcy attorney who is accustomed to working with people in similar financial situations as you. For example, if you will be filing chapter 7 bankruptcy and you own your own small business, it is best to find an attorney who typically works with small business owners.

Look for a lawyer who offers the most insightful guidance about your situation. 

In general terms, when you start scheduling initial meetings with an attorney, there will be a few things you will want to garner from those meetings to ensure you have the best professional. The attorney should openly and willfully communicate guidance to help you through the process, so that initial consultation should involve things like:

  • discussing the bankruptcy filing options (chapter 7, 13, etc.)
  • how each filing outcome will affect your financial status
  • what the attorney will need from you during the filing process and why
  • any particular difficulties that could come up with your individual case (such as if you are going through a divorce or if certain accounts could be affected)

Look for a lawyer who responds to you promptly when you need assistance. 

Some bankruptcy attorneys are hard to get a hold of when you need them because they take on so many clients at once, which is understandable. However, if you are feeling uneasy about your case and know you will have a lot of questions, you don't want an attorney who is hard to reach. Look for an attorney who responds to your phone calls fairly quickly. For example, if you reach out to them and do not get a call back for several days, it may be better to go with another attorney. 

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