4 Reasons To Choose An At-Fault Divorce

19 October 2017
 Categories: Law, Blog

If your marriage is near its end, you may want to know the best method for divorcing. Of course, it's possible to choose an at-fault divorce if there is a valid reason for the end of the union. This means one of the spouses is the primary cause of the divorce. There are specific instances when an at-fault is legal and knowing what these can be very beneficial to you.

Reason #1: Adultery

You may suspect your spouse is having an affair or has at some point during your time together. However, it will be necessary to prove this in a court of law to have success.

Some of the things you can use to accomplish this goal include having emails, texts or photographs that show the infidelity. Hiring a private investigator could be a great idea if you feel that an adulterous situation is occurring.

Reason #2: Abandonment

There are many incidences that may cause your spouse to leave for an extended period. However, unless there is a legitimate reason for being left, you may be capable of filing an at-fault divorce.

This can allow you to move on with your life and if you're alone most of the time, this may be a good idea.

Reason #3: Confined to prison

If your spouse has committed a crime and went to jail, this can make it extremely challenging for you. Being left alone for months or even years can be too hard on a relationship, and you may wish to end your marriage entirely.

Reason #4: Abuse

One thing you shouldn't have to tolerate when you're married is suffering from any abuse. This includes both physical and emotional abuse.

While a physical injury is much easier to prove than a mental one, you should work towards gathering evidence for either of these. For instance, if your damage is physical, you could collect medical records and photographs of your injury.

On the other hand, you can keep a journal of verbal abuse and record the conversations if at all possible and provide these to the court.

Working to end your marriage in the most efficient and less stressful way is essential for getting on with your life. You can make this happen when you just know the best divorce type to select, and an at-fault divorce can be helpful. Be sure to work with your divorce attorney to assist you with this challenging process.