A Guide To Preparing For Your First Appointment With A Patent Attorney

14 February 2017
 Categories: Law, Blog

If you have recently developed a new invention or have made major alterations to an existing product that changed its primary function or use, it is important for you to protect it by claiming it as your own as soon as possible. In order to do so, it is a good idea to speak with a patent attorney and start the process. However, there are several tasks that you can complete prior to meeting with that lawyer for the first time that will allow you to make the best use of your time.  

Know What You Need Your Attorney To Do For You

One key aspect to consider when choosing a patent lawyer is the work that you expect them to do for you. For instance, patent law is very complex and it is fairly common for lawyers to officially or unofficially specialize in specific aspects of patent law. Therefore, it is often a good idea to work directly with a patent lawyer who has experience with inventions similar to your own.  

Investopedia has reported that, as part of their education and training, a patent lawyer may have obtained an undergraduate degree in a technical topic. By determining the type of degree your lawyer earned prior to law school, it is likely to be easier to choose the right person to represent your needs.

Make Sure That You Know Everything About Your Invention And Similar Patented Items

Since you will probably be paying a patent lawyer by the hour, you should be as knowledgeable about your creation as possible. If necessary, take notes on its construction, use, presentation, etc. so that you can answer any questions about it that the attorney may ask. It will also be helpful to take notes on the conversations that take place with your attorney, and if permitted, recording your visits can be especially useful.    

In addition, since so many new ideas are actually improvements on existing items, this is a good time to research previously patented items that resemble your invention. Remember to take evidence of your search to your first appointment with the lawyer. Providing that evidence to the attorney may be able to diminish the amount of research that will be required by the attorney or his staff, which in turn can limit your out-of-pocket expenses. 

In conclusion, patenting your invention is the only way to protect your intellectual property. As a result, it is crucial to discuss your creation with a patent attorney as soon as possible to minimize the risk of someone stealing your concept. However, you should prepare for your visit by completing the steps that are discussed above. Contact a firm like Lingbeck Law Office to learn more.