3 Tips That Will Help Ease the Emotional Side of Getting a Divorce

21 November 2016
 Categories: Law, Blog

If you are thinking about divorcing your spouse, here are three tips that should help ease the emotional tool of getting a divorce.

#1 Make Sure That Your Marriage Is Really Over

Before you start divorce proceedings, make sure that your marriage is really over. You should not start divorce proceedings if you just had an argument with your spouse and decided that, instead of working on things, you would pursue a divorce while you were still angry. It's not a good idea to start divorce proceedings if you really still want to put work into your marriage.

Once you start divorce proceedings, the relationship with your spouse will change, and the legal proceedings will be hanging over any attempts that you make to stay together. Additionally, it can cost you financially if you start divorce proceedings and then decide to give them up. 

#2 Build a Support System for Yourself

If you are sure that you want to move forward with a divorce, and you are no longer interested in sustaining your marriage with your spouse, you need to build a support system for yourself.

To start with, you are going to need to find a divorce attorney who can help you with the legal aspects of getting divorced. You are going to want to talk with a tax attorney if you have complex investments or holdings with your spouse. If you attend a church, you'll want to find someone who can offer you spiritual support. You'll want to build a group of friends who can help you with the transition as well.

#3 Get Emotional Assistance

You should also get a therapist on your divorce transition team. Divorcing, for whatever reason and for however long you and your spouse have been together, is not just a legal proceeding. Getting divorced is a highly emotional process.

You are not just separating your belongings and your bank account, you are also separating yourself from the emotional support, comfort, and companionship that your spouse provided. You are separating yourself from the future that you built with your spouse.

You are going to need to deal with the array of emotions that comes with this process. A therapist can help you work through these emotions and can provide you with a place where you can share your feelings and gain perspective. 

Make sure that you are really done with your relationship with your spouse before you start divorce proceedings. If you do start them, surround yourself with both legal and emotional support to help you through the process.