FAQ About Getting Legal Help For A False Drug Charge

31 August 2016
 Categories: Law, Blog

Were you falsely accused of being responsible for drugs in your vehicle during a traffic stop? A drug charge can lead to numerous years behind bars, so it is wise for you to hire a good lawyer to build your defense. This article answers a few of the questions that you might have in regards to getting legal assistance for a drug charge.

How Will a Lawyer Prove a Passenger is Responsible?

In order to prove that your passenger is responsible for the drugs, an investigation will likely be done. For instance, your lawyer will do a criminal background check to find out if the other party has a drug history. The lawyer will determine if the other party sells or abuses drugs, as well as the type. He or she will likely speak to people that can give details about the other party's character. Records will be obtained that shows any jail time that the other party has had as well that are related to drugs.

How Will Innocence Be Proven?

The lawyer will prove your innocence by investigating your background as he does for the other party. If you don't have a history with drugs, proving your innocence will be easier for the lawyer to achieve. He or she will speak to people that you know such as family, friends, and your employer to ask them if they have ever seen you with drugs. If you were not arrested for selling drugs, the lawyer might want you to take a test to prove that you are not a user. If you have ever abused drugs in the past, the lawyer will want to know how long you have been clean.

Will Jail Time Be Necessary During the Trial?

There are a few things that will factor into whether or not you will have to stay in jail during the trial. For instance, if the judge does not think that you are at risk for hiding out and becoming a fugitive, you can get bailed out of jail. If you have an extensive criminal background, you might have to stay in jail during the trial, or pay a high bail amount. Sometimes house arrest is allowed until you are found not guilty or receive the final sentence. Get in touch with a lawyer as soon as you are ready to prove that your passenger put the drugs in your vehicle.