2 Very Useful Services Offered By A Divorce Attorney

4 January 2016
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Divorce attorneys can be some of the most useful and versatile legal professionals available, mostly because of the many services that they can provide you both during and after a divorce. Listed below are two very useful services offered by a divorce lawyer.

Mediation Services

A divorce will often be one of the more traumatic, time-consuming, and expensive legal situations that most people will every experience. However, a divorce attorney can often help alleviate some of those issues if you and your future ex are on at least civil terms with one another. If you and your future ex are capable of being civil with one another and able to be in the same room without screaming and fighting, then many attorneys will recommend mediation services. 

These mediation services will require you, your future ex, and the lawyers for both sides to sit in a room and negotiate the divorce terms. It is expected that every detail of the divorce agreement will be hashed out in this meeting so that the completed agreement can be submitted to a judge for his or her approval. For example, the mediation meetings will cover alimony, child support, child custody, visitation right, and distribution of any marital assets.

This can make the divorce process go so much faster as once the judge approves the mediation agreement then the divorce is finalized. This is definitely a great option if you want to avoid months of adversarial court issues and expenses.

Divorce Agreement Enforcement

Another useful service that can be provided by a divorce attorney is assistance enforcing the divorce agreement once the divorce has been finalized. This is useful because it is extremely common for an ex to refuse to comply with the agreed upon divorce terms. For example, your ex may be refusing to turn over a portion of the marital assets, hiding marital assets, violating the child custody arrangement, or refusing to pay alimony or child support.

In all of those situations, you can contact your lawyer who will be able to get in touch with a judge in order to get a court order that will help enforce the divorce terms. In the case of hidden assets, the judge may order that the assets be sold and a portion of the proceeds be paid to you. When it comes to refusal to pay child or spousal support, the judge's court order may permit the start of wage garnishment. 

Sit down with a divorce attorney today in order to discuss the many services that he or she can offer you. These attorneys can provide assistance through mediation for the divorce proceeding or by enforcing a divorce agreement if your ex is being difficult once the divorce is finalized. 

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