Should You Mediate Your Case Or Hire A Personal Injury Attorney?

15 June 2015
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If you experience serious injuries in an auto accident and lose the ability to work, you may want to settle your case right away because you need the money. In this case, you can mediate or work with the insurance company about your compensation. However, this may be the wrong action to take. The compensation you receive may not be enough to cover your medical expenses, repair your car and make ends meet. You should hire a personal injury attorney to fight for the compensation you deserve. Here's why.

You See Better Doctors

Personal injury cases are generally compensated based on a number of factors, which include your pain and suffering. If the insurance company doesn't think that your pain and suffering is substantial enough, it can offer you a lower settlement for your accident. You may disagree, especially if your pain and suffering keeps you from working in the future. 

If you try to mediate your accident claim with the insurance company, they may send you to their own doctors for an evaluation. Although this isn't always the case, the physicians may side with the insurance company and dispute your claims of long-term pain and suffering. The doctors may only use simple medical tests and exams to determine your health status. 

Your attorney may use their own accident medical doctors to examine you. The doctors may use the most up-to-date diagnostic techniques during your exams and tests. The techniques may reveal hidden problems that require ongoing care, such as a damaged kidney or ruptured disc, that can help you receive a higher settlement amount.

You Receive Compensation for Your Job Loss

A personal injury attorney will look at your loss of employment when determining how much your case is actually worth. If they see that your injuries prevent you from working in any job setting, your attorney may ask the insurance company for a higher settlement. The extra compensation may keep you financially afloat until the lawyer can secure disability benefits for you.

Your lawyer may also go after the other driver for some type of compensation. If you mediate with the insurance company and receive a settlement right away, you may lose the chance to obtain funds from the at-fault driver. 

The other driver may have hidden assets, such as real estate property, that can benefit your case. It's a good idea that you let your personal injury attorney handle your case from start to finish.

Although it's hard waiting for the personal injury attorney to complete your case, it may be in your best interest to do so. Having the ability to pay your bills, take care of your family and live without worry are all incentives you should consider.

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