Is Your Family Pressuring You To Get A Prenuptial Agreement? Talk With A Lawyer

25 March 2015
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If your family has expressed they want you to get a prenuptial agreement, you'll want to meet with a lawyer to talk about your options. If you make more money than the person you will be marrying, and you have more to risk when you walk down the aisle, you need a prenuptial agreement.

Preserve Retirement Accounts and Investments

Have you been packing money away in retirement accounts, and making big financial investments throughout the years? Do you have a lot of money in savings, and money that you could lose if you got divorced and your spouse wanted half of all of it? If so, you want to protect these things.

You can have all of the funds protected when you get married, and you can include in the prenuptial agreement that you have saved, and you can make sure your spouse doesn't get to take any of the interest you make off your protected investments in the future.

Protect Wages and Assets

It's very important that you protect the wages that you earn, and the assets you've already accumulated. In the prenuptial agreement you can make sure you don't lose your house or cars, and that you don't have to share the wages you earned during the marriage. You can make it so everyone leaves the marriage with the same things you entered with.

Avoid Alimony

If your spouse doesn't work while the two of you are married, or if they make significantly less money, they may go for alimony if you get divorced. They'll say that they are accustomed to the lifestyle you provided them with, and they will want you to support them. The amount that you pay, and how long you have to pay will be determined by the amount of time you're married and your income. You can make sure your spouse knows there won't be alimony if it's in the document.

If your family is putting a lot of pressure on you to get a prenuptial agreement so you can enter your marriage without any fear, it's worth taking the time to meet with a lawyer, like those at Kane Funk Poch & Van Massenhove PC. They can work with both you and your future spouse to make sure the document seems fair for both of you, and you can include them so they aren't offended. You never know what can happen or what will change in the next few years, so it's always best to be prepared.