Hotly Contested: When You Want A Divorce But Your Spouse Doesn't

7 January 2015
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It is very rare for a spouse to contest a divorce, since most divorcing couples are happy to split. However, there may be other reasons at play, some of which may be the reason your own spouse is contesting your divorce. If you can manage to be reasonably civil, you may discover that the reason or reasons are one of the following.

Religious Reasons

Catholicism as well as Hasidic Judaism are two religions which fervently admonish against divorce regardless of the situation. It is also very difficult to divorce someone of the Scientologist faith, since they value close-knit families so much. If your spouse belongs to one of these religions, he or she might cite religious reasons for contesting the divorce.

Financial Reasons

Whether or not there was a pre-nuptial agreement signed, your spouse may have a lot to lose in the divorce. If he or she will get nothing in alimony and/or you do not have any children for which child support must be paid, your spouse may have to find a better-paying job or adjust to a very thrifty way of life. This may make him or her feel quite desperate, hopeless or lost, on top of losing someone he or she really loved. Ergo, your spouse may hire a contested divorce lawyer to try and keep the marriage intact or gain something financial from the split.

Emotional or Psychological Reasons

Some people become very dependent upon another, so much so in fact that they are psychologically bonded in an unhealthy way to you. When you decide that you want to end the marriage, your spouse may contest it because he or she may not know how to detach from this unhealthy bond he or she has created with you. Your spouse may also have some strong emotional attachment to you still, and if your spouse still loves you, be it in a healthy or unhealthy way, he or she could contest the divorce for these reasons also.

Responding to Your Spouse's Contest of the Divorce

You may have to hire a divorce lawyer such as Lisa J Kleinberg to handle your spouse's contest of the divorce. It presents some complicated and unusual situations when a spouse contests your divorce, and you will need all the legal help you can get. If you think there is even the slightest chance that your spouse could contest the divorce, hire a contested divorce lawyer right away so that you do not have to fire one lawyer to hire another lawyer to get the experienced lawyer you need.