3 Benefits To Expect From The Right Divorce Attorney

30 December 2014
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When you and your spouse realize that your marriage is over, it is essential to find the right divorce attorney for each of you. Although it may be tempting to share one lawyer, it is a better idea to protect your interests by choosing your own legal counsel. In addition, it is important to remember that the attorney-client privilege of guaranteed privacy of conversations with your lawyer.

Slow Down The Divorce and Dissolution Process

Although it is often tempting to end the marriage, sell the home and dispose of joint assets immediately after the decision to divorce has been made, doing so it not always helpful. Instead, it is better to consider how those financial assets could benefit each of you, if allowed to mature. For example, a standard divorce decree might order both of you to close out joint investments and refinance items from both parties to just one of you.  

Both of those actions could cost extra money and can present a pointless financial challenge. Fortunately, your divorce attorney can help you come up with an agreement that works for both parties that clearly outlines a more efficient way of disposing of debts and maximizing income from investments over time. It should also be pointed out that the delay of the divorce might only be for a brief period of time, while the questions of controlling joint assets and debts can occur for years after the divorce is final.

Think About The Long-Term Plans You Made While Married

Although it is easy to assume that credit cards, mortgages and company stock are the biggest items to negotiate during a divorce, there are other aspects that you need to consider as well. For example, joint burial plots, time-shares and long-term asset developments can be agreed to by both parties, before filing for the divorce. By doing so, in the future you will have fewer challenging discussions with your former spouse, as everything was clearly outlined and approved by a judge now.

Allow For On-going Financial Support, When Warranted

Child support and alimony payments are common reasons to wind up back in court a few years down the road. One way that your divorce attorney can help you prevent that expensive and stressful event is by determining now only a dollar amount for support payments today, but how it will increase or decrease in the future. 

It is fairly common for judges to approve divorce decrees and agreements that have been agreed to by both spouses, as long as both parties are aware of the details and the agreement itself is legal. That also includes the possibility of community property, if you live in a state that mandates it.  (For more information on divorce attorney's, contact Hampole Gowri V Atty)

In conclusion, a divorce is often the most stressful and challenging experience you can imagine. However, by protecting your current and future interests, and planning for the future of your family, it does not have to be the disastrous event that everyone dreads.