2 Tips For Getting Medical Expenses Covered For A Car Accident That You Were Not At-Fault

15 December 2015
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If you are involved in a car accident, then you may experience both damage to your car and bodily injury. If you were not at fault for the car accident, then the other driver's insurance company should take care of your medical expenses. The amount that the insurance decides to cover depends on how severe your injuries are. Injuries with longer-lasting effects will require a larger payout. Use the tips below to make sure that the other driver's insurance company takes care of your medical expenses after a car accident. Read More 

Here’s What Happens If You Hide Assets During A Bankruptcy

30 November 2015
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The bankruptcy system is designed so that creditors receive an equal opportunity to receive a portion of the debtor's assets. However, there are some debtors who find a way to exploit the system to use it in a manner that it was not intended, which is considered a form of fraud. One of the most common forms of fraud is when you try to hide your assets and doing so can have a negative impact on your bankruptcy case and can lead to a criminal prosecution. Read More 

What Are The Main Causes Of Mass Incarceration In The United States?

10 November 2015
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The United States incarcerates more of its citizens than any other country in the world, with over one and one half million individuals presently incarcerated and additional millions involved in some way with the criminal justice system. Federal and state sentencing mandates and policing policies, along with the privatization of many prisons, have led to an ever increasing problem of mass incarceration and its results on both the incarcerated and the vulnerable communities that are most affected. Read More 

3 Things Step-Parents Should Know About Divorce

23 October 2015
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In fiction, step-parents often get a bad rap – think of the wicked stepmother archetype that exists in a number of children's fairy tales. In real life, step-parents are often important and much-loved figures in the lives of their step-children, which can make a divorce in a blended family an especially wrenching affair. That step relationship can also become legally complicated. If you're a step-parent who's headed for divorce court, take a look at what the laws say about your relationship with your step-children. Read More 

Holy Evidence: Do Courts Always Forbid Priests From Repeating What’s Said In A Private Confession?

9 October 2015
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Whether you're the plaintiff or the defendant in a criminal case, if it involves a member of the clergy, you may be misinformed about their role as a witness or confused about  the admissibility of their testimony as evidence. Clergy-parishioner privilege protects certain conversations. Some conversations between you and your priest, rabbi, or imam are considered confidential and protected. This means that your religious leader can't be ordered to testify against you or report what you say in a private, confessional conversation. Read More