Start Your Marriage With A Solid Financial Plan

13 April 2018
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If sitting down with an attorney during your wedding plans are not on the list of things of to do, it should be. You will be doing your relationship and your financial situation a big favor by creating a prenuptial agreement that covers important goals and plans for the future. Read on to learn more about what goes into a good prenuptial agreement. Making It Legal  Most of the laws that govern today are very old, and those that address family matters like marriage and divorce are no exception. Read More 

Commonly Asked Worker’s Compensation Questions

17 March 2018
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A workplace injury may cause significant strife and other problems in your life. Unfortunately, the costs of treating any type of serious injury can be extremely high, and workers will often lack the financial means to pay for the medical care that they need. In these instances, workers compensation benefits can be instrumental in allowing the injured worker to afford treatment. When Should You Notify Your Employer About Your Injury? Read More 

Feel You Have Been Wrongfully Terminated? What You Should Do

13 February 2018
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If you have recently been fired or let go from a job, you likely feel unhappy with the situation. However, if you also feel like you have been wrongfully terminated, the situation can be much more frustrating and aggravating. The problem, of course, is that you may not know what to do about the situation. Get to know some of the steps that you should take when you feel as if you have been wrongfully terminated. Read More 

Getting Divorced? 3 Important Tax Questions To Ask Yourself

16 January 2018
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Tax season is here, which leaves many couples who are in the middle of getting a divorce in a frenzy, as they have no clue what they need to do about their tax return. While some splits are amicable, there are plenty that are not. However, tax season is a time when you both need to put aside all of your differences, sit down, and talk about your finances to work out how to move forward in a way that will benefit both of you and your family in the best possible way. Read More 

Differentiating Between Custodial And Noncustodial Interrogation

13 December 2017
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The Miranda warning, which advises criminal suspects on their legal rights, is only applicable to those who are in custody. This means that the police don't have to read your Miranda rights if you are being questioned but you are not in custody. It also means you should know the difference between custodial interrogation (questioning under custody) and noncustodial interrogation. Here are some of the factors you can use to differentiate between the two: Read More